Fire Danger

Holt Fire responded with Lathrop Fire to a grass fire caused by a controlled burn that got out of hand during dry and windy conditions

Holt Fire encourages all district residents to practice fire safety at all times! One of the most critical ways you can do this is to be aware of the weather condition before you start any outside fires. Below you will find a brief explanation for the different levels of Fire Danger. Before you do any outside burning check our website or call our station for up to date fire danger information!

Another step you can take is to notify us that you will be burning. This gives us a good heads up that there may be smoke seen in the area and contact info to reach out and verify that you have everything under control.

Low (Green)

Fire starts are unlikely. Weather and fuel conditions will lead to slow fire spread, low intensity, and relatively easy control with light mop up. Controlled burns can usually be executed with reasonable safety.

Moderate (Blue)

Some wildfires may be expected. Expect moderate flame length and rate of spread. Control is usually not difficult and light to moderate mop up can be expected. Although controlled burning can be done without creating a hazard, routine caution should be taken.

High (Yellow)

Wildfires are likely. Fires in heavy, continuous fuel, such as mature grassland, weed fields, and forest litter, will be difficult to control under windy conditions. Control through direct attack may be difficult but possible, and mop up will be required. Outdoor burning should be restricted to early morning and late evening hours.

Very High (Orange)

Fires start easily from all causes and may spread faster than suppression resources can travel. Flame lengths will be long with high intensity, making control very difficult. Both suppression and mop up will require an extended and very thorough effort. Outdoor burning is not recommended.

Extreme (Red)

Fires will start and spread rapidly. Every fire start has the potential to become large. Expect extreme, erratic fire behavior. NO OUTDOOR BURNING SHOULD TAKE PLACE IN AREAS WITH EXTREME FIRE DANGER.