The Holt Community Fire Protection District is dedicated to preserving the quality of life, environment and property of our residents in response to emergencies. We strive to achieve this mission in the most professional manner possible through emergency and non-emergency response for fire suppression, medical response, fire and medical training and fire prevention activities.

The members of the Holt Community Fire Protection District are committed to serving the residents of the community and the district.

We believe that the most important function of the Holt Community Fire Protection District is to be responsive to the needs of our citizens. Analyzing the response needs and service delivery of the past allows us to accurately plan for the response needs of the future.

That planning and understanding of response needs brings both a cost and a benefit. Fiscal responsibility and accountability for your tax dollars is a priority for us. We remain diligent in our efforts to utilize your tax dollars in the most efficient and effective way possible, providing the service that meets your needs now and striving for constant improvement to meet the needs of the future.

We are looking for members to Join the Team! If you are interested in how you can Volunteer, feel free to give us a call. 816-320-3216

TO VOLUNTEER CALL (816) 320-3612