Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detector

We recommend that there be a smoke detector in every bedroom and at least one in every level of your home. You should test your detectors monthly and change the batteries, if applicable, when you change your clocks. You should always know two ways out, have an escape plan for the entire family, and have a meeting place somewhere safe. Never go back into the house for pets or possessions and you must call the Fire Department IMMEDIATELY to avoid delays.

The Holt Community Fire Protection District is able to provide smoke detectors free of charge. These are available through a grant received by the Heart of America Fire Chiefs organization and also through the Red Cross. The detectors provided are powered by a 10 year lithium battery and are disposable after 10 years. We will come and mount them for you upon request. There are also hearing-impaired detectors available that are extra loud and have a strobe light on them. The grant is geared toward households with small children and elderly, but we want every household to be properly protected.

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Community CPR Classes

The Holt Community Fire Protection District has certified American Heart Association CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) instructors who provide CPR and first aid training at no cost to our citizens. This includes steps to relieve choking, a sudden collapse, and absence of breathing. First Aid training is also available. This training can be tailored for your needs for infants and children as well as adults. We will also include how to operate an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). We will train groups or individuals. We partner with the Kansas City Fire Department Training Center to provide the training right here in our community. Just drop by or give us a call to schedule a class. Class lengths range from 2 hours to 8 hours, depending on the training requested.

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Child Passenger Safety – Car Seats

Road injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths and injuries to children in the United States. Correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent. Seventy-three percent of car seats are not used or installed correctly, so before you hit the road, check your car seat. Here’s a quick car seat checklist to help you out. It takes only 15 minutes. If you are having even the slightest trouble, questions or concerns, certified child passenger safety technicians are able to help or even double check your work. We provide certified technicians to help you choose the right seat for the child, that fits the vehicle, and that is easy to install. In special cases we also provide car seats to those that need them.

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