Tanker Thursday!

Thursdays we perform a detail truck check of Tanker 51.

Tanker 51 is equipped with 2100 gallons of water. Its primary purpose is to provide water to an incident that may not have a stable water supply such as a hydrant. At the rear of the tank is a large dump valve that allows us to dump all of the water within the tank into a portable tank, allowing the apparatus to leave the scene to go fill up with more water at the nearest hydrant. You can think of Tanker 51 as a Fire Hydrant on wheels.

Tanker 51 seats 5 firefighters.
The rear bumper hold several hoses that are used often to reduce time when refilling the tank
Tanker 51 has to pre-connected crosslays that we can quickly deploy to get water on the fire!
A large dump valve on the rear of the tank allows us to dump all of the water quickly!