According to Clay County Clay County MO Sheriff Emergency Management, the
Tornado Warning Siren in Downtown Holt is still not operating correctly. With
the possibility of potentially severe weather we have headed in for the weekend,
it will be imperative that we all stay tuned in for updates.

For Mobile Purposes, on your phones, if you go to the Clay County MO Sheriff
Emergency Management website and look for “Text Caster” through the
link on their site, you can get severe weather and other public safety updates directly
to your phone. For persons outside the audio range of the siren, and not able
to hear the closest Clinton County Emergency Management Warning Device this
will be a good supplemental fix for the audible warning device in town.

So, get logged in and enter your phone number, and keep your phones close
through the storms this weekend! Clay County is hoping to be back out on Friday
4/26 to work on it, so hopefully we will be back online soon!

Ed Barger

Chief, Holt Community Fire Protection District